28 oktober 2005

And there is more. L-F tipsade mej om m’e5nadens b’e4sta blog: Belle de Jour -a diary of a London call girl . Den h’e4r tjejen skriver vansinnigt bra och ’e4r s’e5 rolig. Liksom Bridget Jones goes prostitute- men mycket, mycket b’e4ttre. I smyg sk’e4ms jag ’f6ver att jag e s’e5 ’f6verraskad. Man kan vara hora OCH bra p’e5 att skriva OCH rolig. S’e5des’e5.

And i quote:

”He: ”I don’t understand why my colleagues would have an affair with some girl in the office, and risk a marriage, when they could have someone like you.”Me: ”I like to think my fee is as much for going out the door as coming in it.””Too right. It must be a power thing, or to show off to other men. Still,” and he shuddered slightly, in the manner of a man whose faint tan line from a removed wedding band is still visible, and knows it – ”I just couldn’t risk some little temp ringing my wife up weeks or months afterward.”We had time before both of our next meetings and talked about Lebanese restaurants in London (good, on the whole) and Italian ones (uniformly rubbish). Later he let slip that he had tried to book me before, when I was away. I’m glad his persistence paid off”

Tr’e4ffade M ig’e5r. Det var lite konstigt eftersom hon inte vet att jag vet. L’e5tsades som ingenting. T’e4nker v’e4ntar p’e5 att HON avs’f6ljar hemlisen f’f6r MEJ. Hihi.

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